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Contract Disputes

Morgan Mac Lawyers are experienced in providing exceptional legal advice to assist in contract disputes. Our Brisbane contract dispute lawyers can help illuminate the steps you need to take to resolve the dispute. Contract disputes occur when one or both parties may be in breach of a contractual agreement. If you are faced with this situation, you should obtain legal advice from Morgan Mac Lawyers to calculate your options. Morgan Mac Lawyers can help you resolve the situation quickly, and professionally.

There are many types of contractual disputes. In part, this is because there are many types of contracts. Sometimes the contract dispute issue is whether there is a contract at all. Contracts may be verbal or even be formed by the conduct of the parties.

At other times, there may be a contract dispute about the correct interpretation of a term of the contract. If this is not difficult enough, there may be a dispute about whether a written contract has implied terms that are not even obvious in the written words of the contract.

If you are faced with a situation in which it is alleged you breached the term of a contract, you should obtain legal advice from experienced Brisbane contract dispute lawyers. Perhaps there is no contract at all or the other party is insisting on an incorrect interpretation of a contractual term and by doing so repudiating the contract and itself breaching the contract.

There are also circumstances in which a party may be in breach of a contract but the court will not allow the other party to enforce its contractual rights concerning the breach because of its own conduct.

Our expertise

Our commercial litigation specialist, Bill Morgan, has acted in many cases involving contractual disputes. On occasions, he has acted for the party who alleges a breach by the other party, and other times for the party against whom an allegation of breach of contract is made.

In many of these instances there was a business relationship between the parties and commercial interests were at stake as well as legal interests. A party’s legal strategy in dealing with contractual disputes should always take into account the party’s commercial interests and objectives.

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