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Tailored Legal Solutions

We focus on providing you with legal solutions that are tailored to your specific circumstances and the legal problems you face, and which take into account the commercial objectives of your business.

Value For Money

The cost of legal services is unavoidable.  Our belief is that what is important to clients is to obtain value for the money they spend on legal services. Value is based not on what you spend but on what you receive from your lawyers in relation to the legal costs.  You wish to receive advice that is practical, timely, commercial and legally correct.  We provide this advice through lawyers with a high level of expertise and experience, who are accessible at all reasonable times and who consider it important to understand you and your business.

Plenty Of Experience

Morgan Mac Lawyers Brisbane bring a unique blend of business and legal experience so you get the best legal solutions within the context of your business.

We Speak Everyday Speak

Our aim is to take away the legal jargon and express complex legal ideas in plain everyday English. It is important to us that you understand the legal advice we give you.


Shane M

Thank you very much for your assistance with our mediation and court case.

Your professionalism and knowledge of our case & the relevance to the law was exemplary. During your whole process you assisted myself & my wife with easy to understand processes and for someone who has never been in this position ever before was calming and reassuring.

I know without us following due processes and your advice I am sure we would have never reached such an amazing successful outcome.
The whole of the Morgan Mac team was always very friendly and supported us through the whole process.

Atul M

Morgan Mac Lawyers acted for us in a franchise dispute with our franchisor.

We were very satisfied with the services provided by Morgan Mac Lawyers during the franchise mediation process. Bill Morgan has an extensive and authoritative knowledge of franchising law and managing franchise disputes and kept us fully informed about the mediation process and our legal rights. Bill Morgan had done intensive research into the franchise dispute and prepared the case very well before the mediation process.

I will any day recommend Morgan Mac Lawyers.

Dr A.K.

Thank you for your hard work for almost three and a half years during the litigation. We are here today with a good outcome thanks to your professionalism, dedication, perseverance and excellent work.

Marny Y

Bill Morgan acted for me in a franchise dispute that was the subject of a mediation before a mediator arranged through the Office of the Franchising Mediation Adviser.

I was happy with what Bill did for me and he showed he was very experienced in understanding the mediation process. I was confident in the manner he negotiated on my behalf.

Bill was always accessible and available to talk to me and understood what I was going through.

I highly recommend Bill as a lawyer in franchise dispute matters

Max A

Bill Morgan acted for me in a costs dispute against a national law firm in the Supreme Court of Queensland. The proceedings were resolved without a Court hearing in negotiations with the law firm, and I received a substantial refund of legal fees.

At all times Bill kept me fully informed of the steps to take in the matter and gave me relevant and easy to understand advice and recommendations. He was very friendly and approachable and happy to discuss the matter with me. I observed that he applied a well thought out strategy that contemplated the weaknesses in the other party’s position and commercial sensitivities.

This was decisive in the successful negotiations Bill engaged in on my behalf.

I highly recommend Bill as a lawyer of first choice in commercial dispute matters.

Patrick D

Bill Morgan acted for me in a Family Law property matter following separation from my de facto spouse after a long relationship.

I was more than satisfied with the quality of the legal services that Bill provided to me and he showed he was experienced in understanding the court process. I was confident in the manner he negotiated on my behalf and his constant efforts to assist me to reach final orders by agreement and to avoid a trial.

Bill was always available to talk to me and keep me informed about every step I needed to take.

I highly recommend Bill as a lawyer in family law property matters.

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