Buying / Selling
A Business

Buying or selling a business is a major decision
and, at times, can be a stressful process.
We work with you to ensure your interests are protected.

buying a business

We can assist you:

  • by advising and negotiating terms
  • with your due diligence to investigate what you are really purchasing
  • in the review of business sale contracts
  • in the drafting of business agreements.

Buying a business, such as buying a franchise, or selling a business is a major decision. If you are considering buying a business or selling your business, it is important you see a lawyer.

It is important in a sale or purchase of a business that the terms are properly drafted, reviewed, and negotiated to ensure they reflect the bargain you have agreed to and appropriate to protect your interests. A due diligence is also critical to ensure what you are buying.

We are experienced business purchase lawyers. We can assist you with a business purchase or a business sale, from reviewing or drafting the sale contract, conducting the due diligence, negotiating terms through to settlement.

Our Legal Team

Bill Morgan

bill morgan morgan mac lawyers

Bill Morgan, who has over 20 years experience in all facets of commercial litigation matters such as franchise disputes, consumer protection, contractual disputes, property disputes, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings. Bill has acted over a number of years in disputes between franchisors and franchisees of franchises. These disputes have been litigated in the Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court and State Courts or resolved through the mediation services

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Amie Mac

Amie Mac Morgan Mac Lawyers

Amie Mac has 20 years combined business and legal experience working with small enterprises to large corporations across the United Kingdom and Australia. Specialising in legal and regulatory compliance, assisting business and commercial industries, with complex transactions to day-to-day operations. Prior to practising law, Amie consulted businesses on corporate advisory matters and in restructuring, including insolvency and turnaround strategies. Amie’s technical expertise means you get the best legal advice and solutions.

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