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Morgan Mac Lawyers - legal advice for commercial

Buying a franchise – Why obtain legal advice?

Buying a franchise is one way to acquire or start a business, which is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

Most people realise that there are significant financial risks in

May 9, 2016
Morgan Mac Lawyers - legal advice for commercial

Direct marketing & privacy – Health check

Do Not Call Register
Business issues to consider

Type of personal information collected (other than sensitive information)
Name, address.
Email address, mobile phone number
Email address, mobile phone number
“Non-business” telephone number or mobile phone number, fax number (both personal and

March 30, 2016
Morgan Mac Lawyers - francise laywers

Use of social media services for marketing/promotions

Legal issues
Business issues to consider

Social media services terms of use
They are terms of the social media sites setting out how you, the user of the social media services interact with the site and other users

March 29, 2016
Morgan Mac Lawyers - dispute resolution

Business structure

Business issues to consider

Sole trader

Complete control over business and autonomy
Ultimate decision-maker
Able to implement changes quickly when required
Retains all the profits
Relatively easy to set up

Personally liable for all debts

March 28, 2016
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